California Great America

Brief History Of California Great America

Here is a brief history of California’s Great America:

  • 1976: California’s Great America opens on May 26, 1976, as one of two parks built by the Marriott Corporation. The park is themed to American history and features over 30 rides and attractions.
  • 1977: Tidal Wave, the world’s tallest roller coaster at the time, opens at Great America.
  • 1982: The park’s first major expansion opens, adding the Flight Deck, Demon, and Flight Theatre.
  • 1988: The park’s second major expansion opens, adding the Gold Striker, Demon Drop, and Raging Rapids.
  • 1993: California’s Great America is sold to Paramount Parks.
  • 2001: The park’s third major expansion opens, adding the Boomerang, Invertigo, and Xtreme Skyflyer.
  • 2007: Paramount Parks is acquired by Cedar Fair.
  • 2008: The park’s name is changed to California’s Great America.
  • 2013: The park’s fourth major expansion opens, adding the RailBlazer, Boomerang Bay, and Planet Snoopy.
  • 2020: The park closes for the first time in its history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 2021: The park reopens after a year-long closure.
  • 2022: Cedar Fair sells the land upon which California’s Great America is located to Prologis, Inc.

California’s Great America is a popular amusement park in the San Francisco Bay Area. It features over 40 rides and attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, family rides, and thrill rides. The park also offers a variety of live entertainment, shows, and events throughout the year.

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